Kusiy – out of conviction
Kusiy is the brand and name of a community of interest for the distribution of natural products of a small and innovative company of Ruth Armin Fitze in Santa Cruz -Bolivia.
In the Andean language of Quechua,Kusiy is the expression for joy.
Kusiy products are based primarily on the pleasure and benefits of health (“vivir sano“)with a preventative and curative character.The focus is on the respectful and gentle treatment of nature and thus also with the people.
At this time we are mainly manufacturing products made from Moringa Oleifera from own farm according to Swiss quality criteria for the local, national and international market.

Kusiy – our motivation

  • Joy and fun with products from natural resources for maintaining the health of people through respectful, ecological, sustainable, fair and socially responsible actions(“alegria devivirsano“).
  • Openness to new ideas and also rediscovery of“ancient”knowledge.
  • Kusiy can strengthen the sense of responsibility and contribute to a healthy way of life.